Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letter from London -- A Little Art

In addition to gorging on the performing arts, we also partook of the visual kind.  Some impressions:

TURNER PRIZE   Since 1984, the Turner Prize has been awarded to an artist under 50, born, living or working in Britain, for an outstanding exhibition in the year through April.  Beginning in October, the finalists, as picked by a jury, have their work exhibited at Tate Britain. (That's the Tate with neither the smokestack nor the 100 porcelain million sunflower seeds.) Then, in December -- drumroll -- a winner is picked.

It's a big deal in Britain. Like the Whitney Biennial, the reviewers usually have a field day with their criticism. But also like the Biennial, the Turner Prize gets covered and fiercely argued about in art circles.  Even the .


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